Newcastle K9 Day Care provides your dog with a loving, safe and fun filled place, to keep your dog occupied during the day. If you worry that your dog is lonely and bored whilst you are at work or find that your dog is chewing and barking, then day care may be the solution to all these worries.

Recent research has shown that as many as 85% of dogs suffer from some degree of separation anxiety. At day care your dogs will have lovely walks, fun, focused driven exercises, affection, companionship and plenty of time to play. We have a large, safe, fully enclosed outdoor area, with a specialised, impact absorbing surface to protect your dogs from injury or strain, which is accessible to the dogs at all the times. Our inside area is set up for more play or simply relaxing on the sofas and beds. We also have areas which can be used for older dogs and puppies to have some peace and quiet for sleep, and areas full of mental stimulation games.

We have a large range of toys…. balls, tug toys, buffalo horns, safe rubber toys, etc. In hot weather we also have a paddling pools so that the dogs can enjoy a lovely cool down. We also have other equipment for activities such as flyball and agility. Younger dogs who have not yet finished growing, will be restricted in the amount of these types of activities they are allowed to engage in for health reasons.

The main goals of each day are fun activities to provide physical exercise, mental stimulation and of course companionship and some, rest. With that in mind we break the day into different activities including free play, training and focused exercises such as ball retrieval, agility etc. Whatever the exercise requirements or activity levels of your dog we aim to design an individual plan to suit each individual dog’s needs. All of this enables you able to leave your dog knowing that they are safe and well cared for and ensures that you will return home with a happy, contented and tired dog.

We walk in a variety of places, including the Town Moor, Havannah Nature Reserve, Weetslade Colliery Country Park, Gosforth Racecourse, Big Waters, Rising Sun, Jesmond Dene and Cambois & Seaton Sluice beach as well as the lovely walks nearby on the waggon ways.


Day care can be especially beneficial for puppies and young dogs in helping to socialise them to a variety of situations such as interacting with new dogs and people, new environments, noises, equipment, etc. At Newcastle K9 Day Care all play is supervised in order to avoid over boisterous interactions and make sure all of the dogs are comfortable with the level of play. Training sessions are also included as part of day care with particular attention to recall so that dogs can safely have off lead walks. We have areas separate from the main dog area that we can use for puppies to play, eat or sleep. All dogs are only let off lead with an owners written consent and following an assessment.

All dogs must attend an introduction session to assess their suitability for day care.

All new dogs are carefully monitored for any signs of stress or any behaviours that make them unsuitable for the day care environment. Aggressive dogs are not accepted. Dogs are mixed together depending on their size and activity level and are only mixed with other pre-approved dogs. Dog that are unsuitable for day care are those that show signs of aggression, excessive barkers and dogs that suffer from severe separation anxiety. We also offer a free trial day. We are sorry but we are unable to accept females in season or un-neutered adult males.

This service is available Monday to Friday from 8am till 6pm.

Full day:
£23 per dog per day, £11 for each additional dog from the same family.

Half Day:
£18 per dog per day, £9 for each additional dog from the same family.