At Newcastle K9 Day Care we are firm believers that just like us humans, our dogs are what they eat, which is why we are firm advocates of feeding your dog a raw natural diet comprising of muscle meat, raw meaty bones, offal, tripe and vegetables. This is why we only stock the best of raw dog food and natural treats without any artificial colourings or preservatives.

We currently stock a full range of complete minces, bones, chewing meats and treats from Natural Instinct, The Dog’s Butcher, Furry Feasts and Landywoods. Keep looking for new stockists that are continuing to be added.

Our range of treats come from Burns, Natural Choice.

Please feel free to pop in to see us and check out our shop.  If you need any advice about raw feeding we are always happy to answer any questions, we know it can be particularly daunting when you are thinking of changing to a raw diet so we are always happy to listen and help whenever we can.

The answer to this is simple really. Dogs are carnivores and raw food is a biologically correct diet for your dog, commercial kibble is a biologically incorrect diet for your dog. Dogs, like wolves, have teeth that are designed for killing prey and ripping and shredding meat off the bone,  Their gastrointestinal systems are designed to process and digest raw meat and bones.  Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than omnivores and herbivores that are not designed to digest complex carbohydrates.  In essence they are the hunters not the hunted.  

We could provide much more information about why a raw diet is more suitable for your dog but there are many books, websites and Facebook groups that provide information on feeding your dog an appropriate raw diet. We have included some of our favourites and hope that they are of some help.