The Hydrotherapy Session

Once we have received a referral letter from you veterinary surgeon you will receive a call to arrange your dog’s first appointment. Before your arrival at the hydrotherapy centre we ask that you make sure that your dog has had a chance to go to the toilet.

At your first consultation your dog will be given time to acclimatise to the treatment room prior to your dog entering the aquatic treadmill. A full health check is performed which includes heart rate and respiration as well as muscle mass measurements and gait analysis. Each dog has an individual treatment plan designed specifically to treat the condition that he or she has been referred for.

On The Day

Prior to treatment your dog will be showered to remove any dirt form the coat but to also help warm the muscles before treatment begins.

The hydrotherapist will have received in depth notes regarding your dog’s condition and which combined with a full assessment will allow them to design the most suitable treatment plan for your dog. Your dog will be fitted with either a harness or lifejacket before entering the treadmill where they will be accompanied by the hydrotherapist. The amount of exercise that you dogs performs can be accurately measured which allows easy monitoring of the dog’s progress.

Your dog will be guided out of the treadmill and showered again to remove pool water from the coat and relax muscles before being dried using either towels or a blaster.

Muscle mass measurements and gait analysis are measured again at sessions 5 and 10 and a comprehensive report is complied for your dog’s Veterinary Surgeon after session 10.

Newcastle K9 Hydrotherapy treat by Veterinary Referral only.