Information for Veterinary Surgeons

At Newcastle K9 Hydrotherapy our hydrotherapists are fully qualified to the highest standards and have achieved the Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals and are working toward the Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for small animals.

Topics covered :

  • Assessing & Checking an Animals Suitability for Hydrotherapy Treatment and Administering Hydrotherapy Treatment to Small Animals
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Small Animal Hydrotherapy
  • Management of Medical Conditions in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals
  • Management of Common Orthopaedic & Neurological Conditions in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals
  • Small Animal First Aid for Hydrotherapists
  • The Principals of Small Animal Hydrotherapy Professional Practice & Multi Disciplinary Team Working
  • Water Management for Small Animal Hydrotherapy

This ensures that patients that are referred for hydrotherapy rehabilitation are being assessed and treated by qualified professionals with knowledge of clinical conditions and surgical procedures.

Each patients is assessed on an individual basis before a treatment plan is designed. A full health check is carried out prior to each treatment session and muscle mass measurements and gait analysis are assessed at the first, fifth, and tenth session. A comprehensive progress report is collated post session ten and forwarded to the referring Veterinary surgeon.

Newcastle K9 Hydrotherapy work on a referral basis only and we would prefer to have the dog’s clinical notes before treatment commences but if this is not possible an in depth referral letter detailing the dog’s injury/ condition any concurrent medical conditions would be appreciated. In keeping with the codes of conduct and in terms of best practice only one dog is treated at any time.

The aquatic treadmill is an important tool in animal rehabilitation as it allows the hydrotherapist to target specific muscles for maximum joint mobilisation.
Newcastle K9 Hydrotherapy utilise two aquatic treadmills, the Hydro Physio 200 and the Physio Tech both of which have glass sides enabling easy assessment of the dogs movement during the treatment sessions. The water level in the treadmill can be altered allowing the therapist to target flexion and extension on the effected joint and the variable speed allows the correct gait pattern to be encouraged.

Water Management

For the safety of all of our clients correct management of the levels of chemicals used in the water must be maintained. In order to accomplish this, the water quality is read three times a day using a photometer. The temperature of the water is also of vital importance and at Newcastle K9 Hydrotherapy the water is maintained between 30 – 320c.