As a hydrotherapist I hold an ABC accredited Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals. In order to achieve this it was necessary to complete the following mandatory units:

Introduction to Hydrotherapy:
Assessing & Checking an Animals Suitability for Hydrotherapy Treatment and Administering Hydrotherapy Treatment to Small Animals

Anatomy & Physiology for Small Animal Hydrotherapy

Management of Medical Conditions in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals

Management of Common Orthopaedic & Neurological Conditions in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals

Small Animal First Aid for Hydrotherapists

The Principals of Small Animal Hydrotherapy Professional Practice & Multi Disciplinary Team Working

Water Management for Small Animal Hydrotherapy

I am also completing the Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy and have completed the unit on:

Introduction to Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy


I have also completed several behaviour courses with the Institute of Modern Dogs Trainers (IMDT) including

Career as a Dog Trainer which included topics such as:

  • How dogs learn
  • Influences that affect learning
  • Body language
  • Traditional vs Modern
  • Clicker training
  • Motivation
  • Predatory Motor Pattern
  • Equipment Lesson plans
  • Behaviour case studies
  • Schedules of reinforcement
  • Counter conditioning and systematic desensitisation

Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation included:

  • What is Aggression?
  • What is the motivation to display aggression?
  • Physiological Signals/ Body Language
  • Rehabilitation, the Consultation and using Counter Conditioning (CC) & Systematic Sensitisation (S)DS


I am also qualified as a raw food advisor which cover all aspects of feeding your canine or feline a biologically species appropriate diet and able to give advice on dietary supplements.

We Are Here For You

  • Basic Anatomy
  • Introduction To First Aid
  • The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 – its Boundaries and Limitations.
  • Assessing a patient – A, B, C’s, pulse rates
  • Handling and Restraint
  • Haemorrhage, arterial bleeds.
  • Wound classification, open and closed wounds
  • Insect Stings
  • Poisons, Symptoms, Common toxins
  • Shock, Hypovolaemic, Vasculogenic, Cariogenic
  • Unconscious and Collapse
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Epilepsy, differential diagnosis, poisoning etc
  • Choking, stick in roof of mouth, opening a dogs mouth safely, Heimlich Manoeuvre Fractures, cruciate ligament injuries, growth plate injuries.
  • Injuries to Eyes, Ears, Nose, prolapsed eyeball.
  • Hypothermia
  • Hyperthermia
  • Gastric Dilation/bloat
  • Drowning
  • First Aid Kits

Practical Sessions – Using REAL dogs

  • Locating the Femoral Artery
  • Calculating a Pulse Rate
  • Emergency Muzzling
  • Heimlich Manoeuvre Positioning
  • Bandaging fore paw
  • Bandaging Hind Paw
  • Pressure bandage of head/ears
  • Application of emergency Tourniquet and its dangers
  • CPR – two sessions on CASPER model dog

Other seminars that staff members have attended

The Canine Athlete
Seminar which covered anatomy & physiology, gait analysis, massage techniques, sports focus, injuries and health conditions in sports dogs, care of the elderly athlete, supplements and nutrition.

Dog Law
This was an excellent seminar covering:

  • Animal Welfare Act
  • Your rights and responsibilities when buying and selling dogs
  • Liability (both civil and criminal) for dogs that harm people and animals
  • Identification requirements / the legal implications of microchipping
  • Noise nuisance
  • Public Spaces Protection Orders
  • Community Protection Notices
  • Breed Specific Legislation
  • Dog ownership /cruelty / Duty of Care
  • Stray dogs
  • Dangerous dogs
  • Dog control orders